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Mp3MyMp3 Features

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Record Interface

Convert CD-rom Interface

Scheduled Recordings

Batch File Rename

Options Screen

Playlist Interface

Record Interface

Record from any source quickly and easily. Recording from your sound card with Mp3MyMp3 means you can record or sample sound from streaming audio or video on the internet, Skype calls, video games or create MP3's from vinyl or cassette. You can fine tune recording levels depending on your audio source in order to achieve the best recording possible. Silence detection comes in handy for recording analog albums or tapes by automatically creating new files between songs, it is also useful for voice recordings, ie. pause recording between dictation.

Mp3MyMp3 Recorder Record Interface

Convert CD-Roms

Convert individual tracks or an entire CD in an easy to manage way. When connected to the internet MP3 my MP3 will automatically attempt to grab the CD's track data and album cover image from an online CD-Rom database. Note: You can play audio files while converting!

Mp3MyMp3 Recorder Convert CDroms

Scheduled Recordings

Record streaming audio content when you can't be there. Simply specify a day and time plus URL of internet radio station or podcast then add event to your recording events list. Note: program must be running before you leave the house :).

Mp3MyMp3 Recorder Scheduled Recordings

Batch File Rename

Batch rename sound files easily and efficiently. Features automatic numbering, adding custom text before or after filenames or search and replace options. All playlists will be automatically updated!

Mp3MyMp3 Recorder Batch file Rename

Options Screen

Have recording save to MP3 or WAV file types. You can select MP3 bitrate quality from 16 to 320 Kbit. Select from a number of built in skins or design your own custom skin for the background.

Mp3MyMp3 Recorder Recording Options

Playlist Interface

Easily create playlists by adding MP3, WAV, AU or AIF files to your playlist. You can quickly reorder songs by using drag and drop with your mouse. Save as many playlists as you like!

Mp3MyMp3 Recorder Playlist

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